Hidden Memories

~ Hidden Memories ~

I try to feel the ground beneath,
Plunging in the depth of mind.
I hid a memory,
But another comes rushing back.

Entangled in a maze.
I struggle to find the way out.
Caught by a thorn that draws blood.
Memories laden tears numbs the pain ;
I close the door to one memory,
But another opens silently.
The warmth then disappears,
The cold embraces me.

These hidden memories ;
Will time be able to ease them away?
Trust it to make the amends?
I hid a memory,
Another comes rushing back.

Broken Dream

~ Broken Dream ~

The dream you gave,
Turned into dust.
Has blown away;
Mingled with the sand of time.
Traces it left behind,
the scars punctuate my life.
Cannot find anymore,
the dream you placed in my heart.
The rhythm has lost it’s pace.
Every waking second living with pain.
Tears I shed didn’t know the truth.
My heart didn’t know the truth.
Memories with you.
Carefully sewn in,
undone and replaced.
My belief in love,
finally broken.
Finally that dream has shattered.
The light has receded.
Filling my darkness with black,
More black than before;
When you found me.
The dream you gave…

A Promise

~ A Promise~

The fire in me may have dimmed,
It may flicker with every gust of wind,
But it keeps burning;
Keeps me wide awake.
It hasn’t forgotten,
A promise you thought I have already broken,
Silently I cry, so you won’t hear.
These tears remembers the promise.
These tears will keep the promise.

A promise made by a heart that can’t be reasoned,
A heart struggling to find back it’s rhythm.
Till this heart beats;
It’ll keep the promise, the promise made by my heart to yours.