Why did they returned?
Had sent them away;
Vowing not to meet,
But they have found me again.
The pain of an abandoned heart,
The pain of being someone’s forgotten memory.
The pain of broken dreams,
The pain of finding reasons to live one more day.
Now I feel them;
Like they never went away.



So many times,
Disillusionment mock you.
He asked,
“Where did truth take you?”

A moonless night it was,
Truth with a sad smile sat beside you.
Silently both of you counted the stars.
When dawn lifted the veil,
Truth rose to leave but you call out,
“What if he teases me again?”
Quietly he says,
“Then I’ll come to find you…”
His words seem to ease your battered heart.
You watch truth walk away,
The first rays of sunlight lending him a radiance.
The next time you meet him again.

Broken Dream

~ Broken Dream ~

The dream you gave,
Turned into dust.
Has blown away;
Mingled with the sand of time.
Traces it left behind,
the scars punctuate my life.
Cannot find anymore,
the dream you placed in my heart.
The rhythm has lost it’s pace.
Every waking second living with pain.
Tears I shed didn’t know the truth.
My heart didn’t know the truth.
Memories with you.
Carefully sewn in,
undone and replaced.
My belief in love,
finally broken.
Finally that dream has shattered.
The light has receded.
Filling my darkness with black,
More black than before;
When you found me.
The dream you gave…