Some memories

Some memories hurts,

They are laced with tears.

But you can’t deny,

there were none like them.

Some memories hold on to you,

And there is nothing you can do,

Besides holding them tighter.

Some memories knows where you’ll be,

They keep finding you,

They overstay,

And they become your heart.

The Ripped Page

~The ripped page~

Before the ink had dried,
A page ripped and snatched from your hand.
Used and tossed in the air.
Drifted back with your tears.
Discarded and worthless writings.
Creased and crumpled you held onto,
The plethora of memories;
Carefully stowed away in those old pages.

A deserted heart cries alone.
Numb,bitter and cynical.
Over and over again you stared at the ripped page.
The scars foolishly reasons;you await.

If only waiting could ease the pain.
Removed the tear stains.
The ripped page in my hand.

*(Also published on Wattpad)

A long wait

~A long wait~

A long wait,it has been.
For the pain to turn into a dull ache,
For your memories to not hurt deeply.

A long wait,it will be.
For my heart to accept this pain as the only reminder,
Of a time when it had opened up to you.
Now it awaits;
When it can again see you as a passing stranger who didn’t stay.

A long wait,it has been.
My heart had chose silence.
It longs to be freed,
String the unsaid words and weave them into these bare pages.

A long wait,it will be.
When that dream will be left behind at a distance.
Time gently nudging and pulling me away.
Reality finally catching up on me.

A long wait,it is.

Hidden Memories

~ Hidden Memories ~

I try to feel the ground beneath,
Plunging in the depth of mind.
I hid a memory,
But another comes rushing back.

Entangled in a maze.
I struggle to find the way out.
Caught by a thorn that draws blood.
Memories laden tears numbs the pain ;
I close the door to one memory,
But another opens silently.
The warmth then disappears,
The cold embraces me.

These hidden memories ;
Will time be able to ease them away?
Trust it to make the amends?
I hid a memory,
Another comes rushing back.