I’m hurting

~ I’m hurting~
I’m hurting,
Each day comes and goes in a blur.
Every night my sleep breaks and I lay wide awake,
Hoping to hear from you again.
I can hear the sound of the rain pelting on the window.
But I don’t want to go out and feel it.
I only lay in the bed curled up.
Hoping the sound will drown out my lonely sobs.

I’m hurting,
I keep remembering your words.
Still trying to find comfort in them.
Hurting over the words I can’t forget.
Holding on to them, for that’s all I have of you.

I’m hurting,
The emptiness in my heart still yearns for your smile,
Still yearns to hear your voice,
Hoping that it’ll ease the pain like before.
I walk in a haze ; my mind clouded.
The heaviness in my heart hasn’t lessen with time.
For everyone, I’m still the same person.
I smile,
Hoping they wouldn’t know,
That I’m falling apart.
Hoping it doesn’t show,
That I’m hurting inside.

I’m hurting.
Running away again.
Because I couldn’t take it anymore.
Leaving quietly without telling you.
But even if you knew,
Would you have stopped me?
Asked me to stay back?

I’m hurting,
Blank pages stare back at me.
These pages seems to know that I’m hurting.
Seems to know that I’m holding it in.
Seems to know that a dream keeps taking me back.

I’m hurting,
Is it because you cared?
Is it because you can’t see I’m hurting?
Is it because my heart wants to be broken again and again?
Is it because my heart knows nothing beside loving you?
Is it because ; everytime I close my eyes,
It’s you only.

I’m hurting,
Not anymore am I looking for an answer.
Not anymore am I asking questions.