Why did they returned?
Had sent them away;
Vowing not to meet,
But they have found me again.
The pain of an abandoned heart,
The pain of being someone’s forgotten memory.
The pain of broken dreams,
The pain of finding reasons to live one more day.
Now I feel them;
Like they never went away.

A long wait

~A long wait~

A long wait,it has been.
For the pain to turn into a dull ache,
For your memories to not hurt deeply.

A long wait,it will be.
For my heart to accept this pain as the only reminder,
Of a time when it had opened up to you.
Now it awaits;
When it can again see you as a passing stranger who didn’t stay.

A long wait,it has been.
My heart had chose silence.
It longs to be freed,
String the unsaid words and weave them into these bare pages.

A long wait,it will be.
When that dream will be left behind at a distance.
Time gently nudging and pulling me away.
Reality finally catching up on me.

A long wait,it is.